My name is J. Molly Wretzky.   I was admitted to the Illinois bar in November 2005 (first try!), and I’d been an attorney specializing in litigation since 2006, working in a small law firm that handled general litigation matters from employment discrimination, commercial disputes, to commercial foreclosures and just about everything in between. Because it was a small firm, I was involved in all aspect of the cases– from reviewing the underlying documents, to filing the law suits, to trial.

What I discovered after 10 plus years in litigation is that I did not want to spend my energies fighting with people over money for the sake of fighting over money. When I went out on my own in the spring of 2017, I knew that I wanted to focus on areas of law where people — just everyday people– needed a little legal assistance, advice, or other counsel, just to move ahead with their life plans and goals. Things like reviewing employment contracts, severance agreements, helping create business entities . . . buying and selling homes . . . creating wills, trusts and other documents related to estate planning. Things that would help everyday people to plan, live their lives, and prosper. Hence Everyday Law.

I’m happy to work with you on matters of all sizes, whether it be simply a contract review, buying and or selling residential real estate, assistance and counsel in setting up your next business, or preparing wills and other documents to get your ducks in a row. I’m smart, experienced, friendly and casual. Just an everyday person, like you. I can help.

Proud Alum of Chicago Kent College of Law. Member of the Illinois Bar, Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association and the Chicago Bar Association.     Firm Believer in life/work balance.